Best Quality Component Box Storage

Amazing Variety Of Board Game Boxes Starting Just ₹49 per Box

Save time from Box to Table

Save space and time setting up and packing up

No baggies. Arrange in boxes beautifully

Arrange components within box after play

Reuse for newer games

Keep reusing the component boxes for newer games.

Different Box types

We have a wide variety of boxes for YOU to fulfill YOUR gaming as well as component storage needs.

Save Time

YOU can save a lot of time with these boxes with quick setup as well as ultra fast boxing time.

Looks so Good

All our boxes looks good on the table and has an aesthetic table presence to our board gaming customers.

Featured Meeple Boxes

Below is our current collection of Meeple Boxes available by Indian Meeple

Need help in choosing the right Meeple Box Set for YOU?

Never hesitate to ask us for help. We are fellow board gamers and will stop at nothing to get the best experience for our customers. Dial up a call or just drop us a mail and we will respond ASAP to all your queries.

Meet The Team

The Team behind the Meeple Boxes



The Man

Ajay Antony

Indian Meeple / CEO

Less Smart

Less Awesome

Still the Man

Gaurav Agarwal


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All our boxes would be checked by fellow board gamers and will only be sent if we are comfortable playing with the boxes ourselves on the table.

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